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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    What have I done…

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    Horn duo, 1930s (via Vintage Photo LJ)

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    Jim Jarmusch in episode one of Fishing With John

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    I don’t know why I made this. Holy shit this is nerve wrecking. Err… Happy Red Pants Monday. 

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    “Mark Sheppard took me to the TARDIS and I was too big to fit.”

    - Jared Padalecki  (via flordemort)

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    Sherlock & How to Train Your Dragon
    『You’re not his friend."…"He doesn’t HAVE friends.』
             —— “Everything they know about you … is wrong!"

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    “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”

    - JM Barrie (via greenrhapsody)

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    If you have suffered a tragedy and someone says, “you’re in my prayers" with sincerity, and you respond with some egotistical shit about being atheist you are an emotionally inept moron.

    For real though like think about it. If someone is religious, there’s really no kinder sentiment they can express than appealing to the highest power they know for your recovery. Whether or not you think it “works" is irrelevant— the kindness is absolutely real.


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    I’ve been listening to Bach - Goldberg Variations all day. I bet everyone around me thinks it’s because I’m classy. Nope, it’s because it reminds me of my favorite cannibal.

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    “Fan fiction is making teenagers better writers and better satirists, and allowing them to explore sexuality in a way decided by them rather than dictated by the entertainment industry. A purity ring doesn’t carry much meaning when Ron Weasley is pulling it off with his teeth.”


    The Guardian. (via lucyripley)

    “A purity ring doesn’t carry much meaning when Ron Weasley is pulling it off with his teeth.”


    (via satanic-pony)

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    Stop scrolling.

    “Hi! I’m the Doctor. I noticed you were having a bit of a bad day. So! Convinced you’re not important, eh? I’ve never heard a stupider stupid thought in my life. Wait. No. That sounds bad. Misguided, is that a nicer word? I don’t mean that YOU’RE stupid, but just your thoughts are stupid—

    Right, anyway. Popped by in the TARDIS to remind you that I have never met someone who isn’t important. And if you’re clever and want to tell me we’ve never met, I’d like to remind you I said, ‘Hi! I’m the Doctor,’ and that counts as an introduction.

    You matter. Just remember that. You matter.”

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    They can leap 36 feet

    As in leap forward 36 feet

    They don’t jump 36 feet into the fucking sky do you know how terrifying that would be the human race wouldn’t have survived because we’d have all had heart attacks while still in Africa


    I just spent two minutes laughing harder at this than I probably should have.  

    I am quite literally sobbing and laughing at the same time. 

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    I don’t think people understand how much I love Jimmy Novak.

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    Let’s appreciate Christian Bale pulling Cillian’s hair. 

    After all these years… how did I never notice how kinky this was

    You weren’t on tumblr before. That’s how.

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