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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    Ugh. Fuck you. I hate your stupid perfect face.

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    thegingerbatch reblogged your photoset and added:

    I am CRYING I saw it and I thought oh look it’s that Bilbo blowjob post and then I saw the caption oh jesus these are actual tears

    It was a sweet scene of a happy and content hobbit forever changed by your pervy brain.

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    Meryl Streep & Emma Thompson in Angels in America(2001)

    (Just to remind you that Meryl & Emma actually kissed)

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    Jason Isaacs and Daniel Craig in Angels in America (1993) by Tony Kushner.

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    "We have reached a verdict, your honor. This man’s heart is deficient. He loves, but his love is worth nothing." - Angels inAmerica.

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    Angeles In America (2003)

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  • 11/18/13--08:55: Photo

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     *Sigh* I am both saddened and scared to find out the Supernatural fandom might be crazier than the Sherlock fandom.

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  • 11/18/13--12:21: Photo

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    Me and Elle have had a pretty epic conversation on twitter today.

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    Scandal Cast at 2013 GQ Men of the Year Party in Los Angeles (11-12-13)

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    im gonna reblog this shit everytime i see it because this bitch has been 17 since i was six years old and she’s still 17 and i’m 24 and it isn’t fair .

    Plot Twist.

    She’s 34


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    confused cas is confused 

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    having just learned that even my fancy new  usb floppy drive is not backward compatible enough to read the pre 1.44 disks of my college years, i have resorted to rebooting my legacy macintosh powerbook 180, copying the pre 1.44 floppies to its hard drive and then copying those to larger drives and onto my current mac.

    i’m proud to say the old girl boots up, the trackball still works admirably, and all those plays, short stories and poems i wrote in college may live to see life in the cold, hard vacuum of a cheap 1TB hard drive.

    i love that powerbook 180, with its big, chunky fisher price keyboard… i wrote my first script for “seaQuest 2032” in microsoft word on this machine!

    This is brilliant.

    Also I’ve listened to his episode of the Nerdist Writer’s Podcast so much that my first thought was to try to remember if he wrote his first SeaQuest script before or after the drunken meeting….

    But of course it must have been after.

    Obviously I need to listen to the episode more.

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  • 11/18/13--16:28: Photo

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    It’s Margaret Atwood’s 75th birthday! Here is some Tumblr-love (excuse the explicit language) — one of several digital shrines dedicated to her awesomeness.

    A January Magazine writer begins a profile of her by saying:

    I am struck immediately by how tall she isn’t. This giantess of the literary world; this champion of the rights of artists and freedom of expression. Margaret Atwood stands in the earliest increments of the five foot mark, though her awards and the adoration of her fans would put her up somewhere over seven feet tall. At least.

    Height aside, we definitely look up to her — check out NPR’s review of her “weird, wistful new novel,” MaddAddam.

    In the same interview, back when she was a spry 61-year-old, Atwood said to the reporter:

    “… mortality is creeping up little by little. And I must say I don’t really wish to live to be 100. Unless I was in tip-top health …”

    Well, here’s a virtual toast: we’re (selfishly) hoping to witness a lot more of Atwood’s literary prowess, and we wish her years of tip-top health.  

    Photo via alanannand

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    im so done with rick omg


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    Okay I’ve only slept 13 minutes in the past 48 hours so I’m going to go drink so much tea, read so much fanfic, and sleep so hard.

    Night fuckin night y’all.

    Less than 6 days and I can finally tumblr like a normal person again.


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  • 11/18/13--17:08: Yayayayayay!

  • Yayayayayay!

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    I think my thumb is the last part of me to fall asleep each night. (In case you’re wondering I have two phones cause I am a secret drug dealer pimp).

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