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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    Pete Seeger Dies at 94: Remember the American Folk Legend with a Priceless Film from 1947 | Open Culture:


    You would have a hard time finding a person who worked more tirelessly for social justice than Pete Seeger. He was persecuted for being a Communist in the 40s, he was out on the streets with Occupy in his 90s and was singing for Farm Aid this year. He didn’t work for social justice by silencing and shaming people but by reminding them they had a voice of their own. He gave them songs and taught them how to sing.

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    TW: April hating kids

    So during the commercial video internal shoot thingy we had a day where people could bring in their kids. I specifically asked for no one over the age of 10 because that’s when you start to become an asshole. 

    Note: Not all kids are assholes but many of them are around that age

    Someone brought in their 13 year old son who looked thoroughly unhappy to be there.

    So as I am finishing editing on the damn thing. I’ve cut him out. He was a lil twat. I don’t even fuckin care. I don’t need sad lil 13 year olds waving at my camera showing how much they disrespect their fuckin parents.

    But ya damn sure I’ll hear about that shit tomorrow when I show the video.

    So I’m trying to decide what I’ll say when someone says “Why didn’t my kid make the commercial?”  

    "He was an asshole" probably isn’t the best answer.

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    @jonnyjlm Two cocks.

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    Racism from shop staff is unacceptable:


    Today a member of #HomeBargains staff in the Merrion Centre in Leeds (West Yorkshire) racially abused a friend of mine, when Rima Ahmed complained to the manager her concerns at being called a ‘paki’ by a member of staff were dismissed. Racism is not a matter to be taken lightly and I urge those…

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    The bf just came to check on me because I was cursing in Russian.

    I only curse in Russian when I am stupid frustrated.

    Holy hell.

    This effin film video may be the death of me.

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  • 01/28/14--17:31: Help.
  • nbchannibal:

    Hannibal Lecter did this to me.

    Will, have you finally seen the light?

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    I am NOT liveblogging spn tonight. That’s how you know I am busy. 

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    radderthanmyspace replied to your post“I am NOT liveblogging spn tonight. That’s how you know I am busy. ”


    Okay here’s my contribution.

    Dean is probably fucking up.

    Garth is being wonderful.

    Castiel may/may not be fuckin up

    Sam is the superior winchester

    Vote Crowley!

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if that nice John Winchester came back for a bit?

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    john “has a big cock so he walks weird” watson

    I wonder are there any Johnlock fics where Sherlock is a size queen and that’s how they meet…because I could um… I could get down with that au.

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    When you go to sleep tonight, worrying about all your silly little problems think about this instead. I will never get to touch Martin Freeman’s penis. And I’ll have to live with that for the rest of my life.

    I’ll die having NEVER touched his penis. Think of all your problems that you can solve. Think of all you dreams that you can still make come true. They’re all still possible!

    ME on the other hand will have to live out the rest of my days sans the touch of Martin Freeman’s penis.

    Now don’t you feel bad that you were worrying about your trifles when this is looming over the rest of my life?

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    thegingerbatch replied to your post“When you go to sleep tonight, worrying about all your silly little…”


    You are one of the few who know my pain. We will live out our days like this. Perhaps dying surrounded by friends and family who have come from afar to say farewell. So many beautiful photographs and holograms surround us. In our mind, many happy memories replay themselves. 

    But as death comes to say hello you think…

    I never got to touch his penis.

    Maybe heaven is filled up with Martin Freeman peens. Maybe. Maaaaaybe.

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    did you ever watch “what dreams may come” because if heaven is built from our memories and imagination i mean think of how much of that is dedicated to the martinsaurus

    I JUST watched it actually.

    Oh man.  The lakes, the trees, the clouds are all Martinsaurus. EVERYTHING IS MARTINSAURUS AND NOTHING HURTS!

    Oh Amber. I can see it. It’s beautiful.

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    thegingerbatch replied to your post“thegingerbatch replied to your post:thegingerbatch replied to your…”

    hahaha i reblogged it let’s see how many followers i lose hahahaha i’m crying i needed this so much today you are wonderful

    I can’t believe you reblogged it. You have classy followers. I mean I have classy followers too but I used to run Johnlock Porn nights. Surely everyone is used to my pervy ways by now. But you… cover your shame Amber May June!

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    oh my fucking god

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    The boyfriend came in and found me asleep on the floor. It’s a huge indicator that I’m stressed. And I don’t even need to go deep on the psychology to understand it. Either way hopefully the video is going to be done today. Hopefully.

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    Marlene Dietrich in men’s clothes appreciation post

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    It’s all good! It’s true that in the US, depending on where you are, you’re probably going to be taught history differently. I didn’t grow up in Georgia though, and just moved here for College. 

    If I remember correctly, high school, which I took in Texas, largely focused on World History, US Government, and Economics, with a little bit of US History scattered through out as needed. i think the bulk of my civil war education was in Middle School, which I started in Colorado, then moved to Texas in the middle of That. History classes at that age tend to focus on the history of whatever state/region you’re in, I think. So I know a lot about both Colorado and Texas history and their roles in the civil war (or lack there of).

    actually, I am a liar, because as I type this, I realize 9th grade must have focused on US History, including the Civil War. Again, being in Texas at the time, it was still a lot of focus on Texas’s role, but we also learned about slavery and the politics of the whole thing, and there was absolutely no bias towards the confederate side that I can remember.

    i am curious too though, if that’s different for my followers that grew up in schools in the deep south, where I am now—you definitely still see pockets of people that still believe in the confederacy and all of that, which is sort of insane.

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    We are rendering!!!! Okay one hour of rendering for a 2 minute commercial means April is going to take a shower and watch Supernatural. YAY

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  • 01/29/14--10:37: Photo

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    Favorite ships [1/??]: Mystrade

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