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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    befluffle replied to your post“befluffle replied to your post:OMG you guys… on  the worst search…”

    D: Nonono that screenshot is like seeing a face from a nightmare. *flashbacks of floppy disks and 30 dollar 1mb USB sticks*

    1mb usb sticks? were there even such a thiiiing? honey i still have a floppy or two around.

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    Ladies and gentlemen… I present something beautiful from Bill Nye’s facebook

    they LITERALLY JUST TOOK a SELFIE. the president a scientist and an engineer literally just took a SELFIE together. im so done. bye. im going to mars.

    Conveniently, they can all help you get there!

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    I’m about to get super spammy with some Hedwig and the Angry Inch blogs. TS yourself  from “Hedwig” if you’re not a fan.

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    This is how I feel so much of the time lately. 

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    I put on some make-up
    Turn up the eight-track
    I’m pulling the wig down from the shelf
    Suddenly I’m this punk rock star
    Of stage and screen
    And I ain’t never
    I’m never turning back

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    Tech Writer Clive Thompson: "The world of fanfiction is the most technologically explosive thing I've ever seen in my life.":

    The leading flank in discovering how to use technology in cool, interesting, thoughtful ways will generally always be the amateurs. […]

    I have a whole theory, actually, that the world of fan fiction is the most technologically explosive thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Every single technology…

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    We did a “First Kiss” experiment and asked 15 homophobic people to hug a gay stranger. 

    And guess what. It wasn’t so bad.

    the girl with the beanie is totally flipping that girl


    she really is flipping that girl lmao

    "I think you’re a nice guy, but the type of sex you have is gross" "I think your sex is gross too

    I like the old lady. She went from “Oh! Oh!” “There. It’s not so bad, is it?” to “You actually remind me of my husband.”

    Yes to the flipping

    Dear lord this is the cutest thing.
    People can learn. They just need to be taught.

    Okay so like how did you just round up people who were admittedly homophobic and were willing to be filmed showing their homophobia? As a staged thing it still works but it just seems incredibly scripted. 

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    Unpopular opinion buuuut….

    Hey I love music.  love composers a lot. I love the fuck out of so many scores and I will talk about them for hours. It doesn’t even have to be a terribly epic film for me to enjoy the score if the music is done well. If the accompaniment works.

    Not everyone is humping Brian Tyler’s leg but I know that he’s done some solid work and he’s really helped a lot of struggling films find pace because of his music.

    Carter Burwell is my fav. I love Hans. If you think John Williams is overrated then I invite you to rewatch those films and imagine them without his music.  Eternal love for Ennio Morricone. Yes, I’m dropping names for cred.

    I know so few people who actually love scores.I dated a film composer and I swear I can’t remember one conversation where we didn’t talk music because it’s so rare to find people who loves it like that…who love it so much. Love of scores doesn’t give you cred to know music but it does give you the desire to hear good music. Truly well done companion pieces….or ,when the scene calls for it, pieces that mold the scene into something entirely new and better.

    But David Arnold and Michael Price were really heavy handed in Sherlock this season and sometimes I really wonder what the show would’ve been like in different hands.

    And this isn’t a total knock against them. I’ve liked work they’ve both done outside of Sherlock. Just on Sherlock I’m trying to remember a time I thought the music truly aided the scene. And their base accompaniment was great….just I really do wonder what it would have been like.

    and now I’ve made myself giggle thinking about if Sherlock was scored by Danny Elfman.

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    It seems so daunting when you look at it this way. Oh God poor Mario. I’m so sorry I put you through this over and over again. I’m so sorry I skipped warp zones that I knew were there. My poor baby. 

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    northray replied to your post“Unpopular opinion buuuut…. Hey I love music.  love composers a lot. I…”

    Interesting—do you know any place to watch clips without the music? I know I’ve seen some floating around, but I didn’t keep any of them. I’d love to see what some of the scenes feel like without the track.

    Yeah I’ve only seen those pieces too. I would love to see more. I meant to try to track them down and ask the person to do more. Hell I’d pay them money to do it.

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    and all the linguists in the night vale fandom have a collective cheer

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