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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    This photo set is a formal fuck you to anyone who says wearing vertical stripes is “unflattering” on chubby bunnies

    I’m more worried about the furry animal in her armpit



    Excuse me. Attention everyone. This is the cutest fucking person I’ve ever seen.

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  • 06/07/14--17:43: Sarah Walker → 1x05

  • Sarah Walker → 1x05

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    I have this weird thing where I don’t feel hungry until I am absolutely starving, and then there’s no going back.

     I’ve never felt so accurately described by a comic.

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    Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul. But you are fortunate in your ignorance, in your isolation. You who have suffered, find where love hides. Give, share, lose—lest we die, unbloomed.

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    Dear hubris,

    What made you think you could fix this?


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    thegingerbatch reblogged your post Dear hubris, What made you think you c… and added:

    I am really curious now. I want to see the attempt

    Yeah sure. You’ll get to see the mess I wrote in between watching OITNB and drinking all the alcohols.



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    "It feels like an uphill struggle sometimes to be taken seriously as an actor when you do comedy and you write comedy, and maybe that’s because comedy is by its very nature sort of non-serious."

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    In her eyes I see a shark, swimming gracefully across the ocean, skimming the surface and seeking a morsel of new knowledge. Is it any wonder then that most people bore her?  To her, conversations are a means to an end, and if she’s unable to draw out some new knowledge or insight in the first three minutes of talking to someone, she moves on. Oh, she might remain fixed in place, listening to someone drone on and on about their family, sports game, etc, but her eyes are already moving on to find someone else to talk to.

    It’s enough to make you hate her.

    But that hate is washed away when watching her encounter the unknown. The way a hint of a smile appears as she tilts her head and looks up to the sky as if to say thank you. It’s then that you notice how the knowledge becomes a part of her, how she breathes it in and pushes it all the way down to her toes.  The ripple of lust causing her body to tighten.

    Having seen all that, how could I refuse her?


    My boyfriend wrote this about a character based on me and it still makes me very happy.

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    I was tagged twice again so I’ll do it again.  Mostly so I can show angelchrys that it’s okay to show off your good and bad songs. (cheater!)

    Blah Blah 20 songs blah

    1. Daft Punk-One more Time
    2. The Allman Brothers Band-Ramblin’ Man
    3. Eminem-Love the way you lie
    4. Randy Edelman-While you were sleeping-Dreaming of Florence
    5. Les Miserables-Wedding Chorus/Beggars at the Feast
    6. Miley Cyrus-Party in the U.S.A. (YEP! Now you know I didn’t skip)
    7. Charley Jordan-Keep it Clean
    8. Fiona Apple-Regret
    9. Otis Redding-The Happy Song
    10. Fiona Apple-Better Version of Me
    11. Burlap to Cashmere-Chop Chop
    12. Otis Redding-My Lover’s Prayer
    13. Rammstein-Du Hast (ha!)
    14. The Who-Sparks
    15. Outkast-Aint no Thang
    16. The Beatles-Dear Prudence
    17. Hedwig and the Angry Inch-Wig in a box
    18. Kimya Dawson-Singing Machine
    19. Ben Folds-Not the Same
    20. Sam Phillips-I don’t know how to say goodbye

    The programming behind the shuffle is so weird. Like there is no reason the same artist should appear in the same shuffle. I have 30 Otis Redding songs compared to 100 (or more) Beatles songs and yet Otis came up twice. Beatles once. There should be a different meme. Like the top 5 songs that make you happy. You can actually get to know people better that way. Eh. It’s just a silly thing really. Just if people did that meme then I’d be interested. Either way music is love so it’s been fun seeing these on my dash. Especially penns-woods. Her 5 songs will haunt my dreams. 

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    penns-woods reblogged your post and added:

    I can’t tell which of these are supposed to be embarrassing.  I am so musically clueless I cannot even tell if you’re making fun of the 5 songs I have on my iPhone or if you’re just supremely jealous not to have such exquisite taste like me.

    But you only have five songs. I just…as a music person I’m so shocked by it. As soon as I saw that I thought “BUT HOW?”  I think my first 128k mp3 player held at least 20 songs. I don’t have any device that doesn’t have lots of music on it. I just…. what do you listen to when you’re on a journey? Do you not listen to music? Does music not move you? Do you not constantly have a new favorite song? Does music come on during a tv show or movie and you think “meh”? It’s so confusing to me…. music is life sooooo I just…not judging. I’m just so confuzzled. It’s like milk in a bag. It’s confusing.

    They’re a good five songs. I’m just shocked by the low amount. It’s like eating only 5 potato chips. 

    My most embarrassing song up there would probably be Miley Cyrus and maybe Burlap to Cashmere because it reveals I listen to contemporary Christian music which is mocked quite a bit.

    Edit: On second read this sounds soooo judgey but I was just immediately confused is all. It was all blink, blink what?

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    I take so many pictures of my dog. Like seriously.

    Like…. seeeerrrriiioooouuuusssssllllyyy. Would I have been that parent who takes a billion pictures of their kid and foists them on people? OMG. 

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    I love this. As someone who was in the business, I knew that, but it’s amazing to me how many people think that a subtext is accidental, or that supporting visuals or script choices are ambiguous.

    That certainly can be true of poorly developed shows, but I would argue that Sherlock is precisely the opposite.

    So when the lighting for a scene contain only the three colors of the bisexual pride flag, then what the lighting designers are saying, see, is that bisexuality in the form of John Watson is present.

    And when Sherlock is delicately wiping spunk off of his chin while John looks on smilingly and then Sherlock disappears through John’s mouth in a scene fade WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY MEAN?

    Probably friendship. Friendship-based spunking and swallowing.

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    And the winner of Most Unfortunate Name goes to…

    Winner of the best name in the world. Come on! He decided to go by BJ. Dr. Hardick knows what’s up.

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    In Seattle, Washington, an aged and allegedly “haunted” coke machine has been in the same spot for over fifteen years, but despite its outward appearance the machine is fully functional. In fact, the machine has always worked. Some of the drinks it dispenses are normal Coke products, but some are products that are no longer on the market and don’t exist any more. Some of the buttons are labeled as a “mystery” and give a random product when pushed. The business closest to it, a locksmith, state that they have never witnessed anyone restocking the machine at any time, No one ever has, and the mystery of it has attracted tons of people to test out the machine for themselves. It’s also pretty interesting to note that the prices for the sodas have risen over time, recently being from 55 cents to 75. I guess ghost machines have to pay the bills somehow.

    the coke machine has it’s own facebook

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    Mark Ruffalo shows off his skill of riding a unicycle on Graham Norton Show

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    I hate/love Sherlock’s face in this scene bc for once he doesn’t want to do it his way, even though they have to.

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    James Marsters - Promo pics from ATS

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    OMG emmagrant01 really needs to see this.  XD

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    Martin Freeman Among The Stars Donating To Charity Christmas Auction (x)


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