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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    Help The Lost Scrolls of the White Lotus reach its funding goal today!:


    Brown University sits atop College Hill in Providence, directly across the street from RISD, where I was a student and I am currently teaching. Brown and RISD have a long-standing policy where students from the two schools can cross-register for classes. It was not uncommon in my day to have at least one Brown student in almost every class I took. It would have been (and still would be) quite a stretch for me to be accepted into Brown, so it was cool –– in theory –– that I could be allowed to take an Ivy League class. The problem was, I could never get into any of the classes I tried to get into!

    Fast-forward over 16 years, and now there is a group of Brown students doing a group independent study course about Avatar. (There was a somewhat similar student-run course being offered at University of California, Berkeley some years ago.) Tomás, from this group, contacted Nickelodeon to run the syllabus by us. Mike and I were very impressed. It is incredibly exhaustive and ambitious. I’m not sure I could pass this class!

    A few of the students are hoping to follow up the spring class with an even more ambitious immersive study trip this summer to various locations that provided inspiration for the series. Depending on the funds they can raise, they also hope to bring additional artists along, chosen by the fan community. To cap it off, they plan to pour all of their experiences and what they learn into a book. It is, again, AMBITIOUS.

    Avatar means a lot of different things to people all over the world, of all ages. But I can tell you, as I teach a group of students just down the hill, I am reminded that it seems to mean something a little extra special to some members of this current generation of college-age kids. They grew up watching the first series. My friends and I grew up mostly on glorified animated toy commercials, at least as far as our kids TV offerings went. We certainly feel a strong sense of nostalgia for that stuff, but it doesn’t seem to resonate quite the same way as Avatar does with the young people who connected with it. Mike and I, and everyone else on the crew, were so immersed in the task of just making the show, with our noses very close to the grindstone. It is humbling and bemusing to look around all these years later and see the shock waves of its effects on people’s lives.

    You can check out the link above or below to learn more about this trip/project, how you might become a part of it, how you might help, or how to follow their adventures. I wish them luck and a safe, rewarding trip! Here is a word from Tomás below:

    "We are a group of 5 friends who want to keep the Avatar spirit alive by actually traveling the world to learn all four elements. We want to then place everything we learn into your hands through a book titled, "The Lost Scrolls of the White Lotus." Check out our crowdfunding campaign page and join our community of fans as we explore the elements ourselves. Together, we can become the Order of the White Lotus.”

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    Hubby as Thranduil the Piemaker, inspired by this sketch by lokimotives !

    So much awesome.

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    I Will Follow You Into The Dark

    Another one I’ve never heard before.

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    seriously guys, listen to this

    this sounds like the background music you’d hear in a movie as the camera leads you around a bustling marketplace in the 17- or 1800s and it leads to the sight of a bunch of sailors hoisting and tossing around a bunch of packages on a ship getting ready to set sail for adventure

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    Empire has been picked up for a second season after only TWO episodes.

    Sleepy Hollow  is up in the air but if it does then they’ll be making changes to the serialized format.

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    Marvel Cinematic Universe + Budapest


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    when i forget to log into ao3 and i have to click proceed to see an adult fic, i actually get a kick out of it. like i am an old timey queen and my bard is apologetic: “gentle lady, dicks doth touch in this next ballad. would you prefer another?” and i give him a gesture of command like, “nay, you may proceed, minstrel. bring forth the tale of dicks”

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    “There’s still time to save it”

    - FOX exec talking at TCA today about Sleepy Hollow

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    This is the best comment ever.


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    oscars 2k15 be like


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  • 01/17/15--13:27: Shoutout to fanfic writers
  • diklonius:

    -Shoutout to writers who spend hours on a chapter and get no views
    -to those that have huge audiences and are pressured by critics
    -to you who are just starting out
    -To every one of you.
    Whether u get 5 hits or 50,000 on a story, your skills are important and we all really, truly appreciate it
    Keep it up, you talented lil fucks. I love you all

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    Elementary once again coming out in favour of polyamory. Bless this show.

    I heart this show

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    thegingerbatch replied to your post“I really loooooved your Sherlock/Johnlock script. Is there more under…”


    It isssss a deleted scene. BELIEVE!

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    Happy Birthday Betty Marion White! (January 17, 1922)

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    Tumblr please notify me when most of my mutuals are online so I can post my selfie

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    Part of me is like YES X-files. More X-files. I’ll do anything for more X-files. Hell I’ve even read the au books because I LOVE X-FILES. But a reboot is kinda scary. So I’m 50/50. Still. MORE X-FILES IS A THING PEOPLE. REJOICE.

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    Fox Considering Reviving X-Files

    “It’s been reported, and it’s true, that we’ve had some conversations about [reviving] X-Files,” ideally with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Fox Television Group chairman Gary Newman shared. “But I have nothing that we can announce at this time.”

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    Writing fanfic


    Mixing tenses


    Losing focus


    Doubting myself as a writer and a human being


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    The life of a pet owner: “What are you eating? OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU EATING???”

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