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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    “Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more,
    Men were deceivers ever,
    One foot in sea, and one on shore,
    To one thing constant never.
    Then sigh not so, but let them go,
    And be you blithe and bonny,
    Converting all your sounds of woe
    Into hey nonny nonny.”

    - Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing Act 2, scene 3, 62–69 

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    reblog & tag how old you were in 2006

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    every sentence is a sexual innuendo if you think long and hard about it


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    “(Joe Biden excitedly texted her [Julia Louis-Dreyfus] when he saw her on the cover of the Amtrak magazine Arrive.)”

    - This is the best thing I’ve ever read. (via riverwaltz)

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    gas n’ sip au; where cas is the adorable gas station clerk and dean is the stupidly handsome mechanic from the garage next door. 

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    David Tennant talking about Doctor Who on the Late Night Show with David Letterman. (29.10.2014)

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    Not joking my professor used these images in his PowerPoint today in class. What made it even more funny was when a tour group went by he flashed between these two pictures looking at the door waving to them. A dad looked in and has this very confused, pissed off look on his face.

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    mildredandbobbin replied to your post“Hnnnnng Richard Armitage in Vicar of Dibley…”

    fuck yes.

    I had to rewind moments to hear the dialogue because I kept staring at him.

    I don’t remember being this attracted to him before.

    I think his adorable dork self has made him more gorgeous.

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    precious bb doesn't get a hug :( 

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    Jeremy Renner on Joss Whedon: He’s the man with the answers. He’s the man with the plan. I try not to rock the boat. He’s got it all figured out and I trust that.

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    I think they should cast me a Dr. Frank in the remake of Rocky Horror. I grew up on that movie, and it has had such an impact on my life. Plus I can sing it and act it, so where’s the problem? Also I’m so pretty, and who wouldn’t want a pretty young Frank? Petition for me to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

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    Inside the Writer’s Room panel.

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    CBS Diversity Institute, a division of CBS Broadcasting Corp., is inviting writers to apply to this year’s Writers Mentoring Program which offers industry connections and opportunities for skilled and inspired writers who desire to write for a CBS TV series.

    Since its inception more than a decade ago, the CBS Writers Mentoring Program has graduated 70 emerging writers, from which the program has launched 33 successful TV writing careers. The aim of the initiative is to positively influence the exposure of diverse writers across the industry.

    Read More

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    Bagginshield AU: A romantic victorian meeting of Thorin and Bilbo in a new life, meeting of Mr. John Thornton and Dr. John Watson in London for first time.
    Mr. John Thornton just has arrived for business from North England, but suddenly he just cannot avoid to stare at that beautiful face, a face that he reminds from somewhere but he cannot remind from where. He does not remember from where he knows that sweet expression. However, Mr. Thornton cannot resist to approach him. Then the blond gentleman meets him and he also feel a strange impulse to meet his blue eyes.
    “hello, a pleasure to meet you, respectable gentleman”

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    This part NEVER ceases to amaze me. Cordelia doesn’t particularly like Buffy, she’s used to Buffy being the one to protect people, and she’s vocal about her disdain for wasting her time. (And a complete lack of sensitivity, in general, including this scene, where she walks in complaining about her project).

    But her reaction to Buffy asking for a ride is a complete acceptance - she takes it at face value that Buffy is emotionally vulnerable, and she agrees to help with no questions asked, no politics. Even though she had her own shit to do, she drops everything to drive Buffy home.

    This is an episode where Buffy is utterly betrayed by the most important man in her life, but then protected by the woman in her social circle who she’s least close to (twice).

    I love Cordelia. I love Buffy. I love girls. I love girls protecting girls.

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