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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    I finally got my hands on the “A Study in Pink” shooting script.  The first  Sherlock script had SO many great moments such as….

    11) John goes slack-jawed as Sherlock leaves the room.

    10) They look at each other. Oh! [Because honestly that is how it’s going to be written when they both realize they’re in love with each other. Oh!]

    9) Mrs. Hudson gives a knowing look & refers to Sherlock as John’s husband less than five minutes after meeting him. ‘Myyyyyyy’

    8) Stamford knows too.

    7) John is charmed by a man who just got excited about a murder.


    5) John screams for Sherlock A LOT.

    4) Sherlock is like OMG.

    3) Sherlock thanks John for understanding. [I know this line actually made it into the final airing but it reads way less impactful here. Here it’s just Sherlock thanking John for letting it go. It’s not a big deal really if you read it as a straight scene. But upon filming the actor/director chose to go a very different way to show the true impact of John accepting who he is.]

    2) Praise kink confirmed so hard.

    1) We all are in the end…… [Screenwriters are fuckin nerds. I am one so I can say it. Also everyone knows it. We get cute as shit with the things we write in that pivotal script.  Out of all the things I’ve read in Sherlock scripts this is the most Johnlock is endgame thing I’ve ever read. Because this is how it ends you guys….straight out of Sherlock’s mouth.]

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    These photos are a part of “Self Revealed” The Naked Photography Project.For over a year Photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan continues to photograph over 100 women, giving women of all ages, race, and size the opportunity to express and validate beauty on their terms. 

    The exhibit will have it’s opening reception on at Gallery 2014 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    Click here for more info


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    An infographic I made explaining what Bernie means by “Political Revolution.” 

    In short, vote. 

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  • 01/10/16--10:02: Photo

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    When people get terrified or outraged at the idea of “glorifying obesity”, I always wonder what it is they’re afraid is going to happen. 

    Do they think that all the sudden people who were thin are going rush out to pack on the pounds, or that across the country school kids will be fixated on fat and compete amongst each other to see who can become the fattest, that it’ll show up on the 6 o’ clock news as the latest alarming trend in our nation’s youth?

    I mean, do they think that if people see pictures of fat folks looking nice and smiling and being happy and not hating their bodies that everyone who was about to eat a salad is gonna toss it out in favor a cheeseburger (even the vegans!) and cancel their gym memberships?

    Are they scared that a $20 billion dollar weight gain industry is gonna crop up and magazines are going to talk about “packing on those last fifteen pounds before summer”. Do they think suddenly there’s gonna be a flood of ads saying, “Gain belly fat using this one weird old tip” on people’s computer screens?

    Do these people think positively presented fat bodies are so powerful and persuasive that it will convince thin people to utterly abandon thinness and dedicate themselves to getting as big as they can?

    Or are they upset that people who were already fat will go around continuing to be fat without being punished for existing. Perhaps what they fear is that if we “glorify” obesity, that fat hate will make less and less sense to the world in general and that eventually, weight will become a neutral property. Thinness won’t be so valued that it can sustain industries, nor held as the perfect way to have a body but be seen as one among many valid body types. 

    Maybe, even worse, all this glorification will lead to the idea that all bodies are valid and that bodies are never anything to be ashamed of or shame someone for.  

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    Happy endings 3x18: She Got Game Night 

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    Dear all other fandoms,

    shut up and let mom and dad talk

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    Okay, but…

    …that was the best EVER. It was SO the old show! 

    I loved every minute. And even the surprises you expected were awwwweeeessssooomeeee. Smiling ear to ear right now. ☺️😀😄🙂😍😌😊☺️😉😏😮😭👏👏👏👏

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    i could be such a good writer if i would just *clenches fist* write

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    What bugged me the most about that episode?

    Scully just leaves a patient’s file open on a large screen and just lets Tad read it!

    Damn Scully, HIPPA don’t mean shit to you!

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    things i wish for you in 2016:

    • to do one thing that’s been scaring you all of 2015
    • to find happiness and peace with your looks
    • financial luck and prosperity
    • confidence in what you like to do
    • to meet wonderful people
    • to get to know your friends even better
    • to fall in love with something you never knew existed
    • for the strength to put all the crap behind you
    • to make more room for yourself
    • a fresh start, if you need it
    • a good life

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    Only Americans will understand:


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  • 01/25/16--04:48: Photo

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    what if lin secretly writes hamilton fanfiction

    technically he did.

    and no ordinary fanfic either

    he technically wrote an au songfic rpf

    Thank you. This post and comment has made me so happy.

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    It’s so exhausting to deal with people like Stacey Dash. But the fact is that many of us have been taught to hate ourselves for so long. We have been taught that the good negro never has issues. We have been taught to think those things she says. We have been institutionalized. Even I had to break out of that bullshit thinking. And privelege will fuck your mind up so often. Stacey Dash doesn’t speak for most African-Americans, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak for some of them. And those she speaks for are still in desperate need of education. At least they need to watch that very special episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-air.

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    Oh no.

    A former student emailed me and said he had been writing some poetry and asked if I’d like to read some. I can’t just say no to a question like that, of course, so now I’ve got 9 poems written by a white teenage boy in my inbox.

    I’m kind of terrified to read these…

    I am so upset that you can’t post them. Which would obvs be wrong on so many levels. Buuuut just blink once if any of them uses the theme of misanthrope who will get his one day?

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    I honestly think if we all watched or read two minutes of Fred Rogers every day then our lives would be ten times better.

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    Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne on The Graham Norton Show

    J. Law is everyone when they hear about the movie.

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    the gays are ruining Star Wars

    this is my biography

    reblog if u love being gay and ruining star wars

    Gays please go ruin everything.

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