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alicexz: The “get these fucking prints out of my sight”...

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The “get these fucking prints out of my sight” giveaway

  • So, I have an Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printer
  • I use it for the high-quality 13”x19” Limited Ed. prints in my official shop but recently it has been out to make my head explode by casually putting a random ink splotch on otherwise perfect prints
  • I am seething with rage!!!!! because it only happens randomly so I don’t know what’s wrong and also I use very expensive paper and ink SO EACH TINY SPLATTER costs me a fuckload
  • I don’t want to throw out the prints because they look fine otherwise but I also can’t look at them any longer cause THEY ARE FAILURES AND MAKE ME SO ANGRY!!!!
  • People who follow me on Twitter can attest to my total meltdown and tantrum because of this
  • They’ve suggested that I sell them as discounted Artist’s Proofs or something but INSTEAD I am going to do a giveaway
  • Next Saturday, March 16th, I will pick one or two losers winners to receive these prints free of charge. They normally cost $80-$95, and I don’t sell some of these pieces anywhere else, so I figure if anyone wants ‘em and doesn’t mind the imperfections…
  • The prints are 13”x19” and will be signed and dated and marked “PROOF.” I’ll ship anywhere.
  • I don’t fucking care how many times you reblog
  • But try and reblog at least once because the goal is that maybe someone who sees this post is a Printer Whisperer and can tell me why the fuck my printer is being such a douchebag
  • I don’t fucking care if you’re following me
  • Get these fuckiNG FAILURES out of my sight!!!!11

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