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lets do a thing. reblog and add your city and country. if it's already there, don't add it again. lets take a look at tumblr's diversity

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Shanghai, China
Pisa, Italy
Longkou, China
Brisbane, Australia
University Place, USA
Salamanca, Spain
Cambridge, England
London, England
Siuntio, Finland
Edinburg, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Lakeland, USA
Alicante, Spain
Castellon, Spain
Valencia, Spain
New Orleans, USA
Stourbridge, England
Oban, Scotland
Boston, USA
Varna, Bulgaria
Utica, USA
Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Havering, England
Bacolod, Philippines
Goirle, the Netherlands
Holbaek, Denmark.
Erbil, Iraq
Deal, England
Reading, England
Oxford, England
Aix-en-Provence, France
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Bucharest, Romania
Kiel, Germany
Cincinnati, USA
Platte City, USA
Coventry, USA
Kingsport, USA
Hudiksvall, Sweden
San Diego, USA
New York, USA
St. Catharines, Canada
Memphis, USA

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