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Conservative publication smears woman who asked debate question about equal pay

The conservative publication Free Beacon on Wednesday published an article smearing the 24-year-old woman who asked about equal pay for women at the presidential debate.

The article, published anonymously, alleged that Katherine Fenton’s Twitter account “reveals that purple Joose is her choice to get blackout drunk and she has a history of getting wet at happy hour.” The article also highlights sexually suggestive messages Fenton allegedly sent from her Twitter account.

The Twitter account cited in the article no longer exists.

Man, conservatives aren’t even trying to hide their misogyny, anymore.

Because if someone has sex her opinion doesn’t count anymore?

God damn these people.

Do they have daughters?  Nieces?  Aunts, grandmothers?

Do they know women?  Do they love them, are they friends with them, are they related to women?  Do they work with women?  For women?  

Are they, themselves, women?

They’re not human fucking beings.

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