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A conversation inside a random bar in 2027

Me:Hi, are you? Are you who I think you are?
Him: Probably not
Me: But...You look like. No, you're probably not. I haven't see him for a long time. A LONG time.
Me: He was amazing ya know.... So wonderful. He...he could make me laugh and cry within seconds
Me: And he broke my heart. God he broke my heart so much. But oh how I loved him.
Me: He would do this little thing where he'd give me EVERYTHING that I ever wanted
Me: Then he'd rip it out of my hands, throw it to the ground, stomp on it, burn it, and then......
Him: Then what?
Me: And then I'd thank him for it.
Me: Because it was so beautiful. Ya know? The whole journey was so beautiful.
Me: Not that I wouldn't complain loudly...I'd do that too.
Me: But then I'd stop and think about it.
Me: And I'd realize he was right. So right to take me from ecstasy to enduring pain
Me: "Tragic Beauty" he once called it...well part of it. It was a huge 'verse.
Me: But that was a while ago. Haven't heard about him since 2015. He went away. I cried the day they said he was done.
Me: Anyway sorry I took up so much of your time. I just wanted him to know I still love him.
Joss: After all this time huh?
Me: Always Joss.

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