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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    Grand Juror Sues McCulloch, Says He Mischaracterized The Wilson Case


    grand juror is suing St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch in an effort to speak out on what happened in the Darren Wilson case. Under typical circumstances, grand jurors are prohibited by law from discussing cases they were involved in.

    The grand juror, referred to only as “Grand Juror Doe” in the lawsuit, takes issue with how McCulloch characterized the case. McCulloch released evidence presented to the grand jury and publicly discussed the case after the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson, then a Ferguson police officer, in the shooting death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American.

    “In [the grand juror]’s view, the current information available about the grand jurors’ views is not entirely accurate — especially the implication that all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges,” the lawsuit says. “Moreover, the public characterization of the grand jurors’ view of witnesses and evidence does not accord with [Doe]’s own.”

    “From [the grand juror]’s perspective, the investigation of Wilson had a stronger focus on the victim than in other cases presented to the grand jury,” the lawsuit states. Doe also believes the legal standards were conveyed in a “muddled” and “untimely” manner to the grand jury.

    In the lawsuit filed Monday in federal court, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri argues that this case is unique and that the usual reasons for requiring the jurors to maintain secrecy should not apply.

    In this specific case, “any interests furthered by maintaining grand jury secrecy are outweighed by the interests secured by the First Amendment,” the lawsuit says, adding that allowing the juror to speak would contribute to a discussion on race in America.

    As the grand juror points out in the lawsuit, the Wilson case was handled in a very different manner than other grand juries. Instead of recommending a charge, McCulloch’s office presented thousands of pages worth of evidence and testimony before the grand jury. At one point, McCulloch’s spokesman characterized the grand jury as co-investigators.

    “From [Doe]’s perspective, although the release of a large number of records provides an appearance of transparency, with heavy redactions and the absence of context, those records do not fully portray the proceedings before the grand jury,” the lawsuit says.

    McCulloch has done several interviews since the grand jury decision was announced on Nov. 24, but the grand jurors have been prohibited from speaking about the case. The county prosecutor admits that some of the witnesses were lying, but said the grand jurors were aware.

    The 12 people who could say for sure are currently sworn to secrecy.

    Although the county released redacted transcripts of witness and expert testimony, the grand jurors deliberated without a court reporter or member of the prosecutor’s office present.


    The level of incompetency and flat out misconduct by Bob McCulloch is both baffling and disturbing. Hopefully this renews the call for a special prosecutor in the case against Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown. #staywoke #farfromover

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    Johnny Depp is only allowed to be in musicals where he sings about eating people

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    John Watson & Bilbo Baggins parallels [part 1/2]
    for Romina

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    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Publish a Novel About Sherlock Holmes’s Brother Mycroft:




    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s first novel, “Mycroft Holmes,” which stars Sherlock Holmes’ brainy older brother, will be published this fall by Titan Books.

    Set in England and Trinidad, the story centers on Mycroft, a recent university graduate working for the British Secretary of State for War. Mycroft learns from his best friend of troubling events occurring in Trinidad — mysterious disappearances, dead children and strange, backward facing footprints in the sand. Mycroft goes to Trinidad to investigate and to follow his fiancée, Georgiana, who was raised on the island. Sherlock has a cameo as a King’s College student.


    but this is amazing.

    NO SERIOUSLY THOUGH. This is totally amazing.

    Nothing about it ain’t wonderful.

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    I look around, there’s baby pictures of me everywhere. - Sheng Wang (x)

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    HALP!!!! STUPID OLD benaddicted4life is trying to make me fall in love with Richard Armitage and I am taken! I am doubly taken. I cannot love another.


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    An NAACP office was bombed yesterday — so why did it take so long for anyone to care?

    The Colorado Springs offices of the NAACP were attacked Tuesday morning in what’s almost certainly an attempt to inflict fear and terror upon black Americans and those who support them. 

    According to reports, an improvised explosive device was detonated on the side of the NAACP’s building, and the FBI confirmed that it was a deliberate attack. Officials are seeking a “person of interest,” described as a balding, white male in his 40s driving an older-model pick-up truck. A container of gasoline was left near the bomb, apparently with the intent to cause an even bigger explosion, but that part of the plot failed. The result was minor damage and no casualties.

    In the current context of national protests about police brutality and racial justice, the effect of such an attack can’t be understated. But only after #NAACPBombing became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter did the incident start to become a national news story late Tuesday night.

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    well-written novel sized fanfiction


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    I’ve decided to get better about my tagging.

    Not because I love tagging or want to keep a chronicle.

    Entirely to help friends avoid seeing things they don’t want.

    So the following tags are in use

    1) Johnlock (for anything Johnlock)

    2) Sherlock (for anything involving Sherlock which includes their actors)

    3) NSFW

    4) Freebatch

    5) Hannibal

    6) Stuff about me (when I talk about myself…which is a lot) 

    7) April Opinions for TS (when I have an opinion that is a bit controversial)

    8) Spn/Supernatural for Supernatural

    9) Fandom (anything involving other fandoms that don’t have their own tag)

    10) Racism (anything involving that ol gem)

    11) MF for Martin Freeman/ BC for Benedict Cumberbatch

    12) Most of the other standard trigger warnings

    And any other tags people have privately asked me to tag due to their own triggers/squicks

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    Movies Paradise Doujinshi Market 24
    Date: Feb. 7, 2015

    The Circle List for MP24 is up (click the banner to be taken to the home page)!  MP is a doujinshi market specializing in non-Japanese TV series and films.  In the past, Sherlock, Supernatural, Star Trek, and the Marvel ‘verses were among the many Western fandoms represented there.  I haven’t started browsing* yet, but it will be interesting for me to see what’s up with the Sherlock entries.  Alas, I suspect Setlock is too recent to have much influence yet on doujin content; SCC or summer MP might be better bets for that.

    I’m not sure if the wonderful Fan-Services will be attending MP24 as a shopper or not, but if F-S does, then interested fans would be able to use F-S’s service to obtain doujinshi in the fandom of their choice.  I’ve ordered doujin through them numerous times and am very satisfied with their work.


    * = If you would like to browse but can’t read Japanese, I’d recommend the Google Translate plug-in or extension (I use both, for if one fails the other works) to see the fandom and pairing (if any) of each listed circle/artist.  A good proportion of the entries also have links to PIXIV (fanart site), Twitter, and personal blogs so you can see their art.

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Trying to read now. WHY CANT’T I READ JAPANSE and why isn[‘t my plug-in working?

    I see now that Chrome must have removed the plug-in but kept the extension: Google Translate 2.0, which appears as a button right of the browser address.  I’m using Chrome for Mac, so this may vary in other OSs and browsers.  Some of the time the translation is automatic, but if you move from page to entry and back the translation could fail (at least this was the case with the old plug-in; the extension works better and that may be why the plug-in was pulled).  If the translation doesn’t appear, then I hit the translate button and choose “translate entire page” if needed and then the translation will appear in a window separate from the browser.

    Additional info on navigating the web catalog:

    Once you click on the link to the main circle list page, you might find it easier to browse by rows.  Look for the series of links just above the table containing the circles and click on the first one to start and then return to that page to click on another after you finish that row. Each row page has individual entires with fandom and sometimes pairing info in a small table, as well as any available links to the circle’s art, Twitter, and/or blog page.  The art is often hosted on PIXIV; it’s not hard to get a free PIXIV acct with Google Translate, which will allow you to look at all of their art.  Like any fannish event the art can vary quite a bit from meh to jaw dropping.  You’ll quickly see that their styles can be quite different.  

    I realize this is complex and it takes time to browse the row plus check out PIXIV and maybe a blog.  I’ve done things like limit myself to a row a day, cutting and pasting any circle or artist name whose art looks promising into a word processor file.  Then, to narrow things down after I’ve gone through all the rows, I can search for each circle name (I use cmd-f) and then go back to linked art sites and blogs to help me decide whose art, story type, and pairing (if any) I really want.  Note: “novel” means fanfic; comic refers to manga-like comics.  So, if an entry only has the former then you know they are selling fanfic (but not for profit iirc).

    Artist blogs are almost always password protected (clues are given), sometimes using fandom-specific user names and passwords.  For example, you might need to know the number of Sherlock’s flat.  Even more common are word and number combos associated with slash fan culture in Japan.  Feel free to message me and I can give you the three most common, which work in nearly all of the blogs I’ve encountered.

    By now your head might be spinning, so if you’d prefer to skip most of the above and look over some Sherlock circles/artists, you can use cmd-F search the main circle list page for them.  For example, I know the following groups/people will be here:

    1390 (darker themes)
    Chesklor (AUs)
    Lakuno Star (friendship)
    100% MOCHI
    Knife from Lips (baroque, sometime indebted to BL of the 1970s/80s)

    As I said I haven’t gone through any entries yet, so it’s best to confirm the fandom and pairing (circles may leave a fandom).  I could reblog a few of their doujinshi covers and fanart to give you a sense of their styles.

    Circles that are well-liked but don’t appear to be present at this MP (they may be in any of the following this spring/summer markets depending on their luck with the circle lottery — Super Comic City, Summer MP, or Summer Comiket:

    $10,000/Hiromi (a personal top favorite)
    Super Sentimental
    Sasanana03 (was in charge of a terrific “SH/JW in Japan” art, comic, and fic anthology)
    Wax Bromide Hag
    Church Police (MH/GL)

    Sherlock doujinshi overview: most are SH/JW or SH&JW, but the line between the two can be fuzzy.  A few other pairings have appeared on occasion: Mycroft/Greg, Mycroft/JW, Jim with SH or JW, Mycroft/SH. Ratings range from G to R18.  Oh and if you are fond of other Holmes incarnations, you may see a few Holmes/Watson (vs. Sherlock/John) in the RDJ and canon ‘verses.

    This is amazing. I know I’ve always wanted some $10,000/Hiromi and I think Wax Bromide Hag. I’m gonna have to try to get through here because there seems to be so much that I’d love to see.

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    One of the ways that Sherlock deduces that David still has romantic feelings for Mary is that in all his Facebook pictures of John and Mary, John is, ‘always partly or entirely excluded’.  This shows that he wants John, ‘out of the picture’, so to speak.

    Then we see director Colm McCarthy’s approach to framing his shots during the best man speech.  During Sherlock’s speech, Mary is, ‘always partly or entirely excluded’, in any shot that also includes Sherlock.  Janine, a character we’ve only just met, and of much less importance to the proceedings, seems to have plenty of room to fit in shots that exclude Mary.

    If excluding half of a couple is a sign that someone wants them to not be a couple, then, here, the show is explicitly telling us that John and Mary are not the right couple.  The compositions escalate from merely cutting Mary out to having Sherlock actually physically block her from the audience’s view.  We are meant to not see John in relation to Mary but Sherlock.  It’s always Sherlock.

    (Thank you to obliquely-related for their comment that reminded me to write about this.)

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    We’re pleased to confirm that @hughlaurie & @twhiddleston will star in our adaptation of le Carré’s #TheNightManager.

    #TheNightManager is a complex story of modern criminality and is the first television adaptation of a le Carré novel in more than 20 years.

    Filming on the six-part series will start in spring 2015. Follow @BBCOne on Instagram for the latest from the set:

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    Members of the all female London street gang, the Clockwork Oranges, circa 1880s.



    Ladies in Suits are so great.

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    "It’s really great to be a part of an unconventional love story." -Cameron Monaghan

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    Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman e Dave Gibbons.

    I was trying to figure out what my hair was doing on the right, and then realised that it was mostly the shadow of my head.

    I love that I wore a suit and a tie that day because I was going to interview Alan and Dave about Watchmen at UKCAC. So, for the curious, this is what I look like in a suit and tie.


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    Zack de la Rocha’s speech after witnessing a woman’s top torn off.


    RATM has become so associated with angry white brogressive men that it’s easy to forget they’re a radical communist band made up of Latinos.

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    random-nexus replied to your post“I really want to write the rent!boy fic. the rent!boy freebatch fic …”

    It is wrong, but I’m sure there are people deeply in need of this potential fic. *sort of innocent face*

    Yes. It’s just that I’m torn between the two. Martin as a rent!boy is unexpected and so I find it far more interesting. But Benedict as a rent!boy just fits and would be interesting to write as well.

    What to do. What to do.

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    Okay but if we’re doing a Victorian AU then the next special better be a balletlock AU or I’m burning this house down

    Amber is so angry about the au special. I want to fly to california and watch it with her when the credits roll and she loses all her shits.

    yfip: april thinks a victorian special is acceptable

    tbh im kinda excited for it. i honestly think some of the attraction of the au special is for the tptb to try to make it less gay. and I kinda can’t wait to see how they spectacularly fail.

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    "After I finish my shift at the bakery, I start my shift at Starbucks. I work 95 hours per week at three different jobs. One of my sons graduated from Yale, and I have two more children in college. And when they finish, I want to go to college too. I want to be a Big Boss. I’m a boss at the bakery right now, but just a little boss. I want to be a Big Boss."

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