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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    I know this sign is supposed to be anti-equal rights but I can’t help but read it as pro-Satan.

    Most of what churches like this do is pro-Satan, whether they know it or not.

    Thing is….I’m not sure that’s accurate. It’s been years since I was a “bible scholar” in Sunday school, but what Satan was asking for doesn’t seem to have been equal rights. Do I have any followers who remembers this?

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  • 03/20/15--09:41: Lena Dunham on Scandal
  • Gonna pretend like Shonda cast her entirely for that last scene.

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    This fanfic. Why am I still writing it? Can I commission someone to just finish it for me? Omg I’m sick of it.

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    David Tennant : Hogwarts Sorting

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    Douglas Adams deserves a thousand awards entirely for the bit where Arthur, Zaphod, Ford and Trillian meet on Heart of Gold for the first time.

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    Anansi Boys is a hair under 100,000 words and Neverwhere is a few thousand words over 100,000. American Gods when originally handed in was about 200,000 words (and still is, if you get the “Author’s preferred text edition” in the UK and was cut to somewhere a bit under 180,000 words. Stardust was 50,000 words. Coraline was 30,000 words.


    From Neil’s blog. So it’s not in my imagination that American Gods seems really quite long.

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    Also this. So it’s not just me. When you scroll further you see a slew of people saying it took them a while to get into it but it’s worth it.

    I swear I’ve been trying to read American Gods for 10 years. And I’m a fast reader. Truly I am. I just often find my mind wandering to other things while reading it.

    You know I think I first read Good Omens on one of my breaks from American Gods.

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    Martin Freeman with  Dean Taylor.(x)

    Because God was like “Let the hottest of dads come into existence. For there are many panties in need of ruin.”

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    eternity-is-a-terrible-thought replied to your post: “Also this. So it’s not just me. When you scroll further you see a slew…”:

    I started it and then put it down for months. When I came back to it I blew through it. It seems to be one of those books.

    Ahh I’m considering a full reread of the hitchhiker “trilogy” instead of trudging forward. Every I know loves it. I just have to finish it.

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    Also why is everyone awake right now? It’s like 5am. Is this peak night blogging time or what?

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    When I finish reading American Gods I want Neil Gaiman to congratulate me.

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    I searched my email. It’s not been ten years quite yet. Getting there though. I’ve been picking it up and putting this book down for nine years.

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  • 03/21/15--02:12: Hour 8!
  • antidiogenes:

    I’ve just finished re-reading the Earthsea books and will therefore be thinking of everything in terms of dragons.

    You are a dragon! Your cat is a dragon! That story that you are labouring to summon into existence is definitely a dragon!

    And when you find yourself looking at it and thinking ‘eh, the tail’s a bit mangy and that flame’s ever so weak’, remember that everyone else is looking at it and going HOLY SHIT YOU JUST MADE A DRAGON APPEAR OUT OF NOTHING, ARE YOU A WIZARD.

    Yes, yes you are.

    - Persi

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    The first photo of Eddie Redmayne in Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl.

    When I scrolled over this too fast, I thought this was Jessica Chastain.

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    anonymous requested: cookie lyon + her three boys

    I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But whatever that judge says, I want you to remember mommy loves you. Never forget that, okay? I’ll n e v e r stop loving you.

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    Click for NSFW whole view

    Nothing blows up art block like good old porn

    inspired by these gifs (nsfw)

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    “The man seeking Leslie’s help in replacing the park swing was played by Jon Daly from “Kroll Show” who played the drunk Leslie chased out of the slide in the pilot (glimpsed briefly in the finale’s montage of the parks staff hard at work, Teddy Roosevelt-style). The idea is that this is the same guy a decade later, having cleaned himself up after hitting rock bottom in front of Leslie, with neither character realizing who the other is. Not something most people would notice (Daly’s all but unrecognizable in the pilot cameo), but a stealth piece of full-circle casting.”

    - Observation in Alan Sepinwall’s review for the Parks and Recreation series finale (via burnettski92)

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    I think somebody wants attention

    I just want to bring this back

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