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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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  • 02/19/13--11:17: Photo

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    I really have no words for this.

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    Doctor/Craig epic bromance

    Hope you don’t mind me saying, Doctor, but you look ever so sweet, you and your partner and the baby.

    Can I just give Gareth Roberts all the awards for giving the Doctor a friend who wasn’t quite a companion but stayed on Earth and was well-grounded and understood what was important and could be that neutral element for him in his darkest hour when he couldn’t even face Amy and Rory?


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    So this is going to come out jumbled but I did want to write it out. So when I first saw the movie Drive I remember noticing Christina Hendricks and thinking ‘she looks fat’. 

    Now here’s the thing I love Christina Hendricks. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and taking a nice photo with her and having a little chat (seriously if you have sci fi conventions in smaller towns then you will be ensured you get to talk to the people you like because no one else is there). She seemed like a really nice person and she was very pretty. She was beautifully shaped and didn’t seem fat at all.

    So why did I think she looked fat on screen? Me?! Me who is plus sized AND believes in the equality of women of all shapes in sizes. 

    The industry. That’s really all I could come up with. The fact that I don’t see women above a size 2 in great movies. I just don’t. Not unless they’re the comic foil and their size is utilized as a comic tool. And even then that’s been something that’s only as of late. Other than that I have to reach into movies aimed at a stereotypical black audience and then I’ll find more sizes but honestly not all those movies are really up to snuff and I fuckin hate Tyler Perry movies. I respect what the man has done but the movies are mostly just god awful.

    So the industry churns out these movies starring incredibly tiny women who are sizes 0 to 4—with a 4 being a rarity. They keep them in our faces consistently and you start to think of this as the norm. Even the skinny women in the movies are always going on a diet or freaking out if they gain 3 pounds. So when I see someone who is ya know…a size above that then my mind goes to what society has said for some time now…”oh she’s fat” and I had to stop, think ,and take myself out of the movie because it was so ludicrous to think she was fat. 

    And here’s the point I’ve been trying to get to…if *I* can be turned into thinking she’s fat just for a moment.  Then holy fuck how impossible will it be to change society? 

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  • 02/19/13--15:44: thesecretmichan:
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    I wanna talk about this scene for a second. Not for for the “shippy” vs “not-shippy” debate (people are welcome to see what they like in the dynamic) but because of one line in this scene that stuck out at me. Not the “I am better with you Watson” line, though that is important to the development and growth of Sherlock and his relationship to Joan, whatever you may interpret that to mean. I want to talk about this line:

    “This is an important decision and I encourage you to discuss it with others. Explain what you have been to me and what I believe that you can be to me. A partner.”

    This brought tears to my eyes. Until that moment I never realized that I needed to see this on television; a man asking a women that she seek out opinions other than his. This is a man (a Sherlock Holmes even!) admitting that what is best for him might not be best for a woman in his life. This was a man realizing that his perspective might be skewed by proximity. That he is not the ultimate authority to those around them.

    For a Sherlock Holmes character this is nothing short of astounding, but even simply as a lead male character in a mainstream network show this is nearly unprecedented. It’s such a simple thing really, a TV character admitting that he might not be the ultimate authority in the life of the woman that he cares for, but the fact that it startled me with such intense emotion means that this simple admission is not something that we get to see in our media. I honestly can’t think of another single example, feel free to illuminate me.

    (p.s. sorry for the crappy screenshot)

    This scene took my breath away.

    It reminded me of a different show, one that I think got cancelled (Body of Proof). The scene was between two men, and they were discussing body image, weight and vulnerability. One dude was a bigger guy, the other a small stereotypical nerdy type. There was not one joke, not one “man up” moment. One of them cried, the other supported. I was shocked, and I am saddened at how striking moments like this on television are. I would love to see these kinds of interactions be standard, not subversive.

    I once said that Elementary was a bad show…I was wrong.

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  • 02/19/13--15:48: Photo

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  • 02/19/13--16:15: Photo

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  • 02/19/13--16:34: Photo

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  • 02/19/13--16:35: Photo

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  • 02/19/13--16:35: Photo

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    I’m doing this thing in private (well mostly) where I don’t buy things needlessly.  This is quite hard because I’m a hardcore consumer.  Anyhoo I decided I had to achieve things in order to buy myself things so I’m really close to meeting these two.

    4) Finish 10 books and can buy a Book Scarf

    5) Go 60 days without buying a t-shirt and can buy any shirt/hoodie off RedBubble 

    And I just finished this one

    13) Get an award at work and get the slot machine change machine


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    i just really want a supernatural episode where the Winchesters investigate the Cotton Eye Joe

    where did he come from


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  • 02/20/13--14:40: Photo

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    Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel at the SAG Awards, January 27th

    Mmmmm yes

    Mad Men stars.


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    awww. JHonestly I just dun’t think spelling ist hat bis a deal.

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    Zwei Welten motherfuckers. It will fuck your Buffy world up!

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    smith and jones

    it goes ding!

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