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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    Is anyone watching Sherlock right this minute? I have a horrible thought going through my mind that goes ” If a minute goes by without someone watching Sherlock then it will get canceled” and I just had to turn it off and head to bed. I’m counting on you tumblr. Someone had better be watching it.

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    “For Children: You will need to know the difference between Friday and a fried egg. It’s quite a simple difference, but an important one. Friday comes at the end of the week, whereas a fried egg comes out of a chicken. Like most things, of course, it isn’t quite that simple. The fried egg isn’t properly a fried egg until it’s been put in a frying pan and fried. This is something you wouldn’t do to a Friday, of course, though you might do it on a Friday. You can also fry eggs on a Thursday, if you like, or on a cooker. It’s all rather complicated, but it makes a kind of sense if you think about it for a while.”

    - Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt (via quotationmachine)

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    Oh no, that is almost White Collar levels of bad green screening for the background.

    (It would take a LOT to beat White Collar in bad green screening)

    It was SO bad. Just SO bad. OMG. SO BAD! But I liked the episode overall.

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  • 02/26/13--12:07: Photo

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    I talk a lot of shit for someone who panics while ordering food at restaurants.

    This is the most relatable post I’ve ever seen in my life

    Oh my god. Tumblr, we are just a mess and yet we are perfect.

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    I love that look in the third from last frame. “Is she fucking with me now?”

    Oh wow. A love actually gifset on my dash and it’s not even December. What the hey?

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    Sherlock would sort himself.

    I am so down with this.

    All the best people are in Ravenclaw. Remember that time I got to be officially sorted by a hat that was in the actual movie and then pottermore opened up and then I officially got sorted again into Ravenclaw and JK Rowling was all “Girl everyone knows you’re a Ravenclaw!” okay that last one didn’t happen but still the rest is true and awesome.

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  • 02/26/13--18:06: Photo

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    Taylor Swift was in the audience.

    It took me a while to get the joke on this one…..

    I’m old motherfuckas

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  • 02/27/13--10:59: Photo

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    lol…you overestimate yourselves…try two minutes.

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  • 02/27/13--11:05: Photo

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    Cary Grant receiving an Academy Honorary Award in 1970 (online here)

    “Years ago, when Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon were getting divorced, a perhaps apocryphal story appeared in the scandal sheets: As an example of Grant’s supposed irrationality, Cannon cited to the judge Cary’s yearly habit of sitting in front of his television and sardonically abusing all the participants. This item, true or not, must have amused nearly everyone in Hollywood, since nearly everyone in Hollywood does pretty much the same thing. 

    The funny thing is that from all accounts, when the Academy Awards began in 1939, they were conducted in a similar spirit of irreverence, something that has practically disappeared from the event itself. “They used to have it down at the old Coconut Grove,” Jimmy Stewart told me in the late 70s. “You’d have dinner and alawta drinks - the whole thing was…it was just…it was a party. Nobody took it all that seriously. I mean, it was swell if ya won because your friends were givin’ it to you, but it didn’t mean anything at the bawx office or anything. It was just alawta friends gettin’ together and tellin’ some jokes and gettin’ loaded and givin’ out some little prizes. My gawsh, it was..there was no pressure or anything like that.”

    Cary Grant corroborated this to me: ”It was a private affair, you see - no television, no radio, even - just a group of friends giving each other a party. Because, you know, there is something a little embarrassing about all these wealthy people publicly congratulating each other. When it began, we kidded ourselves: ‘All right, Freddie March,’ we’d say, ‘we know you’re makng a million dollars - now come up and get your little medal for it!’”

    -excerpted from Peter Bogdanovich’s Who the Hell’s In It

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    Oh! Well thanks!

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    “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.”

    - Hafiz (via shaktilover)

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    Oh the headcanon I could make up about him and Hagrid

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    Back by =sheWolf294

    Oh god my heart

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    Otters chasing a butterfly.

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