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Hi, I’m April. My tumblr game is old as balls. I’m a menace. var sc_project=9360824; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="a06f04e4"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

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    So it’s that time of year when every radio station and store is playing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, AKA the CHRISTMAS RAPE SONG. What could be more Christmasey than a song about a man who won’t let his date leave his house unless she has sex with him, no matter how much she protests?

    Every time I hear it, I lose a bit more of my faith in humanity.

    Would this interpretation of the lyrics restore your faith in humanity a little? It’s what goes through my mind when I listen to it.

    Oh God bless you for that link. I always think about the bad connotations of the song when I listen but I grew up with the song and I still loved it and now I can see another POV as well. YAY Thank you @penns-woods!

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    Congratulations, Idris Elba, on your TWO Golden Globe nominations. One for Luther and one for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

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    I posted one a few minutes ago :-)

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    Came back to my desk with 30 new followers and this in my inbox for the Benedict blog.

    I don’t know what is happening.

    2 other people said they got a lot of new followers today as well. Maybe it’s follow a blog day or something…

    I hope they’ll be friendly….

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    "Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there

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  • 12/12/13--11:08: Photo

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    Her Majesty the Queen aka one time bond girl, sass queen, and a total bamf


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    I have put two versions of the holiday Tardis in our end of year company newsletter….

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    My boyfriend made us buy a ridiculously large tv four years ago and apparently it died today. My second hand Disney princess tv had “Kimmy 99” written in marker on the side of it when I bought it and it still fuckin works.

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  • 12/12/13--20:05: On the phone with the BFF
  • Him: I’m telling you about a hot gay orgy and you sound very bored.
    Me: I’m really not. Keep talking. I might use it in a fanfic one day.

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    I was writing something slightly ranty basically saying it’s okay to ship anything you want and then I started to list all these ships that aren’t popular but are totally okay to ship and my face kept contorting as I was writing. So I picked up my phone to snap a shot and just… my face did not agree with what I was writing at all. 

    i think this was about the time I got to writing about Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson’s sexual relationship.

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    my friendship comes in 3 levels:

    1) sass 

    2) insults

    3) inappropriate sexual humor. 

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    radderthanmyspace replied to your post: Whatever this is silly but I’m going t…

    I adore you.

    I adore you more because you’re adorable.

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    for you, darling — metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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    Bizarre Love Triangle, or
    The New Order at 221b, or 
    Every time I See You Falling I Get Down On My Knees and Pray

    Ok. After a bunch of thinky time I’ve come to the conclusion that this here is the scene for Johnlockers to watch most carefully in its entirety— dialog, score, facial expressions, coloring, etc. It will be the subject of my first intense post-broadcast Johnlock meta. Why?

    Could it be less subtle? Um. NO! I’d wager multiple dollars that it’s Sherlock’s point-of-view here and that he’s looking at the one person who matters most to him. From Sherlock’s POV, John is literally at the center of a triangle in 221b. But the triangle isn’t foreclosed, is it? Whoever gazes at John is waiting to see if he draws the line. Will there be room in John’s new geometry for Sherlock? Will Mary— no that’s not right. It’s not up to her. Will John allow Sherlock to join him and his new love, to reshape their emotional attachments to include him?

    Does Sherlock need John so much that he will accept Mary as a friend, as the third to “the two of us against the rest of the world”?

    In this case it is Sherlock gazing at John as the center of this potential new frame work, yes. But we, the viewers, wait too with bated breath. What will this bizarre love triangle entail? Will the characters resolve it for us? Will we accept Mary? Or do we accept the three lines of the plot as they are here, suggestive of a bonded trio but ultimately incomplete? 

    The green lines outlining the light indicate that this triangular frame can only join off screen, that canon does everything to draw our attention to it without going so far as to realize its form. It’s up to our eyes to bridge the gap.

    Is this love triangle only complete in our mind’s eye? 

    I have a song stuck in my head.

    "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order

    Every time I think of you
    I feel a shot right through with a bolt of blue

    It’s no problem of mine
    But it’s a problem I find
    Living a life that I can’t leave behind

    But there’s no sense in telling me
    The wisdom of the fool won’t set you free

    But that’s the way that it goes
    And it’s what nobody knows
    Well every day my confusion grows

    Every time I see you falling
    I get down on my knees and pray

    I’m waiting for that final moment
    You say the words that I can’t say

    I feel fine and I feel good
    I’m feeling like I never should
    Whenever I get this way
    I just don’t know what to say
    Why can’t we be ourselves like we were yesterday

    I’m not sure what this could mean
    I don’t think you’re what you seem
    I do admit to myself
    That if I hurt someone else
    Then I’ll never see just what we’re meant to be

    For drwatsonsjournal and agnesanutter who asked for Metaaaaaaa

    I can’t believe I’ve heard that song a thousand times and never listened to the lyrics (which are devastatingly beautiful). The blocking we’ve seen in this shot alone is phenomenal *bites fist* God I can’t wait to see what they did with the rest with that triangle. Fuck me it’s going to be gorgeous to see.

    The green lines outlining the light indicate that this triangular frame can only join off screen, that canon does everything to draw our attention to it without going so far as to realize its form. It’s up to our eyes to bridge the gap.

    SQUEEEEE. This is beautiful. Love you! Love it! YESSSS!

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    I’m no longer convinced he’s real.

    The fic.

    I can no longer handle the perfection that is this man


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    OH MY GOD????


    this would be all my birthdays and Christmases come true all at once if it actually comes to fruition!

    Wait, was this the rumored production that named Fry and Laurie? BECAUSE I WOULD BE SO INTO THAT.

    I don’t think people understand how much I want this.

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    He said yes.

    waaaa don’t look at me

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    personally i feel like romeo and juliet could have handled the situation better

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    oh my fucking god
    go to google some song lyrics from an old film & instead wind up with my eyes filled with tears about all of humanity

    Amanda, why are you using Yahoo?

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